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Newspaper and magazine profiles of major political candidates always include their blood type. Job applications often ask for blood type.


Thus, type A condoms are standard shape, come in pink only and are. Condoms for type B are slightly narrower, thicker and ribbed. For type O, the condoms are covered with a diamond-shaped pattern.

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Estelle Viskovich, a stylist at the Sin Den, a popular Tokyo beauty salon, said all new customers are asked to fill out a questionnaire that includes blood type. A Japanese company, Pokka Corp. There are key chains and chewing gum, calendars, magazines and books, all geared toward the blood type phenomenon. One of the most influential companies in the country, Mitsubishi Electric Corp. People with both are type AB, and those with neither are type O. Negative traits: Picky, selfish, secretive, pessimistic, inflexible, reckless when drunk.

Suitable careers: Accountant, librarian, economist, novelist, computer programmer, gossip columnist. Suitable careers: Cook, hairdresser, military leader, talk show host, journalist, golfer. Negative: Unforgiving, playboy, easily offended, too conservative, nitpicker, hard to know. While you have responsibilities to make sure all is well, Uranus in Taurus can put you in the hot seat.

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These not-necessarily welcome moments force a choice. Do you take a step back to observe, or do you let your emotions do the thinking? Venus works to smooth the rough edges. Your connections expand, although Jupiter is not yet direct. This has less to do with travel and more with the many planets in your communication sector.

Juno, Mars, the Sun, and Venus put a positive spin on all things conversational.

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This includes negotiations with family matters as well. In the same vein, thoughts about income or possessions ask for attention. Luckily, the stars are on your side.

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This week offers a path towards your focus. Another week with the Sun in your sign. Happy Birthday! Relative to what the rest of the zodiac fends off, you can look at your script as one that leads to all things beautiful. Venus loves the luxury and glamor attached to events.

The focus is definitely on you. Nothing could be further from the truth. If your clear-thinking feels lost in the fog, enjoy the action that pulls you out. Friends and groups want a part of you.

Japanese blood type horoscope

You can release your inner artist as you support those who need to express. Being able to keep going in the midst of madness is another of your great strengths. Scorpios are one of the most determined signs of the zodiac. You handle things with a subtle finesse, able to sense shifts in the air as it changes emotional temperature.

Ever go in and out of feeling the life pulse in a project?

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