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If someone has 4 solar arcs hitting a natal planet exact to the degree at the same time that 3 progressed planets are hitting a natal planet to the exact degree as well as 2 transits exact over a natal planet, would you consider this a lot of activity that would most likely trigger an event, or is this just common activity that happens.

Ironically, all of these happen in H5 and House Ruler of the 7th …. Thanks for your opinion. She says yes, I seems to think if you look hard enough, you are sure to find something when looking at transits, progressions and solar arcs. Thanks for your thoughts on this. By the way, we love your site! Happy New Year to you and Everyone!!! This way you keep the number of measurements manageable solar arcs and transits plus SP Moon. With that said, 4 solar arc measurements occurring at the same year would definitely suggest activity that year know that a degree equals nearly an entire year in solar arc, so you might need to look at the minutes to see how close the occurrences are.

Hi Hiroki, Yes, I agree with you. Looking at solar arcs only, there are actually 5 in total not 4. Two are at exact degree and minutes, two are at exact degree and 18 minutes and 20 minutes and the 5th is at 43 minutes. So I think at least four of the five are pretty close to exact as can be. Will be interesting to see what happens — especially since all these happen to occur in 5th and 7th house rulers. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your evening. I will have to figure out when to get this done over the next few weeks.

I had meant my second saturn return, not solar. I just noticed I have some Solar Arc Progressions coming up and wondered how significant they are. My third House. My natal Chiron is 0, natal mars is 6 and my descendant is 4 degrees. Plus my MC is 29 Taurus. You commented that I would start to feel it this October. Do your readings cover all this?

Measuring Progressions

When is a good time to prepare for these that occur from ? My PR moon moves into Leo this summer. I had a nodal return in January of this year and will hit again at 23 Virgo in first house. This has very nice potentials for any area of life, including relationships. Hiroki — I will try to follow your advice to be patient as I wade through the Neptunian Fog. In the meantime, I think I'll try to make the best of it by finding an appropriate outlet for my artistic talents. Thanks for sharing your wisdom — I do appreciate it.

Major measurements like those you listed here suggest a time of profound shift in self perception — at least the opportunity for this is abundantly there, in the form of your current challenges. Be patient here. I just took another look, and Solar Arc Uranus just entered my 2nd house several months ago. This 2nd house theme seems to be a recurring one. See Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology.

The stars may incline us in a direction, but they cannot compel us. The stars cannot dictate the choices we make or the choices anyone else makes. The actions we take are always our choice, whether we realize that or not. We are always allowed Free Will, and we are responsible for the choices we make with it. Golden Rectangle: A planetary geometric configuration composed of 4 or more planets which create a rectangle formed by 2 trines and 2 sextiles. One type of Fortress. Very beneficial.

Golden Transits: The transits which bring the most financial success. There are some additional Golden Transits which have not yet been released to the pubic. See Transit, Silver Transits. Grand Cross: A configuration of 4 or more planets in which all 4 planets are at right angles to one another, creating 2 oppositions and 4 squares.

See Opposition, Square. Grand Sextile: A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets forming a parallelogram shape with an opposition on one side and creating three sextiles. One type of Mighty Fortress. Grand Trine: A planetary geometrical pattern composed of 3 or more planets which form an equilateral triangle with 3 trines. One type of Spearhead. Very blessed. Hailstorm Transit: Clash transit to a natal financial planet, imperiling career and financial affairs while applying. Heartbreak Day: A day in which there is one of the following Heartbreak aspects in the sky: Saturn clash with Chiron or a Saturn-Chiron midpoint clash with Chiron or Sun.

A time when we are viewed in our worst possible light, and we are in danger of making devastating mistakes. Heartbreak Transit, Ultimate: When Saturn is within 1. High Balance: The day on which a planet is most exactly conjunct a mid-degree point of two other planets in a natal chart.

Gives special talents to the native. Historic Aspect: An aspect that occurs in the chart of an event. Interpreted differently than a Natal Aspect. See Midpoint, Degraded Aspect. See CAC. Inter-aspect: An aspect in a CAC. All aspects are felt in a relationship. Also known as the Principle of Non-Cancellation. Interconnected Magi Quads: Three interconnected aspect pairs of planets formed by a minimum of 6 planets- each pair of planets forms a Magi Quad with each other pair. An extremely powerful form of Planetary Geometry.

The most powerful Interconnected Magi Quads occur when 3 pairs of planets share similar aspects, such as 3 conjunctions, 3 parallels, or 3 sextiles. See Planetary Geometry, Magi Quad. Invincible Fortress: A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets which form a rectangle with 2 parallel sides, with a third side a trine.

See Fortress. Invincible Spearhead: A planetary geometric pattern of 6 or more planets which form a Grand Trine and a Yod, with the apex of the Yod conjunct one point of the Grand Trine. The 6th planet is opposite the apex, forming the shaft of the spear. A rare and powerful pattern which gives near-invincible strength.

See Grand Trine, Yod, Spearhead. Iron Butterfly: A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets which form a parallelogram with 2 squares on sides, 1 trine at base, 2 quincunxes inside, and a sextile at top. Immovable determination coupled with the agility of a butterfly. See Square, Trine, Quincunx, Sextile. Juno Linkages, Rule of Excessive: Too many Juno Linkages in a couple's CAC can indicate that the pair are not soulmates and that their relationship is built on illusion.

See Sex in Magi Astrology. Juno Relationships: When Juno inter-aspects outnumber Chiron inter-aspects in a CAC it can indicate that sex is the main focus of the relationship, even though the pair may believe for a time that they are in love. Such relationships seldom last unless there are linkages with Chiron or Neptune. A Juno Sexual Linkage is perhaps more likely than any other sexual linkage to compel a couple to act on their attraction. Juno Sexual Linkages always burn out if a couple marries. This is the most powerful pairing, and therefore also forms the most powerful standard Magi Quads.

Highly beneficial. Latitude: The vertical locations of the planets in the heliocentric dimension. The latitude of a planet is the distance, in degrees, north or south of the ecliptic.

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See Heliocentric. Linkage: An inter-aspect that is formed by a conjunction, trine or parallel. May also be formed by a quincunx, contra-parallel or contra-latitude IF neither planet is Saturn. Longitudes: The commonly used dimension of astrology- the locations of the planets horizontally around the zodiac wheel. Longitudinal Synchronization: Planetary synchronization in the geocentric or heliocentric longitudes.

Looped Transit: When a transiting planet makes an exact conjunction with a natal planet in direct motion, goes retrograde and makes exact conjunction again, then resumes direct motion and becomes exact a third time- essentially making a loop around the natal planet. Could also loop the natal planet retrograde, direct, retrograde. The tighter the orb between the natal planet and the outer edge of the loop, the more powerful this transit is.

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Love Chart: The astrological chart of the first time two people make love. Get an Instant Love Chart Report for your relationship. Lust bonds are mutual and not Captivations. This clash creates a high degree of sexual attraction, but also incompatibility and antagonism. Not all Magi Astrologers online clearly define their level of certification. Level IV Certified Magi Astrologers teach and train the other three levels of Magi Astrologers, helping them to expand and sharpen their skills in preparation for certification in higher levels of Magi Astrology.

Magi Astrology Law of Symmetrical Enhancement: When 3 or more planets form a symmetrical pattern, then the planets exert a positive influence on one another unless 90 degree angles are formed, such as in a T-Square. Magi Pyramid: A term in Magi Astrology referring to the condition where in the declinations, at least 3 planets are each in aspect to one another.

This usually occurs when 3 planets are all parallel to each other, but it is possible for it to occur when 1 planet is contra-parallel to 2 planets, which are, in turn, parallel to each other. Magi Pyramid Quad: In the longitudes, this is a Magi Quad composed of 4 planets, which has a pairing that is a conjunction; this results in the formation of an equilateral triangle with a conjunction of 2 planets at the apex.

In the declinations, a Magi Pyramid Quad has a parallel of 2 planets rather than a conjunction; the midpoint of the other pairing is parallel to both planets that form the parallel. In the longitudes, it exists wherever 4 planets are aligned in such a way that they form a symmetrical pattern such that at least 2 of the 4 sides are parallel to each other. In the declinations, a Magi Quad exists whenever 2 pairs of planets are an equal number of degrees apart; for example, if a pair of planets is 2 degrees apart, and another pair of planets is also 2 degrees apart, the 4 planets will form a Magi Quad.

The Magi Associates, Inc. Magi Society: Founded in China in , the Magi Society is now the fastest-growing astrological association in the world, with more than 5, members in 32 countries. More information on The Magi Society. Magi Symbolisms: The research-derived meanings of the planets in Magi Astrology.

You are most likely to meet your true love during a time when you are having at least one Cinderella Transit. The more Cinderella Transits you are having at a particular time, the more likely it is that you will meet your true love at that time. If you meet someone for the first time while you are having a Heartbreak Transit, it is likely any relationship with this new person will end up inflicting a heartbreak on you.

This is true even if you are also having any Cinderella Transit s at the time. Unless two lovers form at least one Romantic Super Linkage, there is only a small chance the two persons would actually ever marry. This is true no matter how much they think they are in love. If two persons form a Heartbreak Clash, there is a high probability that their relationship will result in heartbreak. But heartbreak is not inevitable for the couple — the couple can avoid heartbreak if they marry on a day that is astrologically highly favorable.

A Sexual Linkage is not a sign of love; but Sexual Linkages create the illusion of love, especially when two persons are young. When two persons form a Sexual Linkage, they have to be especially careful in order to not mistake lust for love. Similarity does not mean compatibility.

An Introduction to Secondary Progressions

Linkages are signs of true compatibility between two souls. The more Linkages any couple forms, the more compatible they are. Incompatibility is not the result of two persons being different. Clashes are the true signs of incompatibility and stress between two souls.

The more Clashes any two persons form, the more incompatible they are and the more stress their relationship will have. When two persons form more Clashes than Linkages, the two souls are not compatible and are not likely to fall in love and stay in love. No matter how much two persons love each other, and no matter how well their two astrological charts match up, if the two persons get married on a horrible astrological day, their marriage would still be tumultuous and stressful, and probably result in heartbreak.

Magi Triangle: A planetary geometric pattern of a minimum of 3 planets forming any triangle other than a T-Square, for example a Grand Trine or a Mystic Triangle. Magi Zodiac7 Chart: Charts generated by the Magi Astrology AstroGeometry program which divide the zodiac wheel into 7 parts rather than the traditional This creates a chart with 7 sections of Magi Society research has discovered that aspects formed in these increments- These aspects are called the septile, biseptile, and triseptile in traditional astrology, but have seldom been given much importance.

Magi Society research has discovered that Magical Planetary Geometry is a central key to super-success. Magical Success Principles: 1. Become partners with someone whose natal chart makes magical planetary geometry with your natal chart. Become partners with someone whose natal chart makes golden linkages with your natal chart. Magical Time: The time period when an aspect is most powerful- 3 days before and after an aspect is exact. Malefic: Negative, stressful, harmful planets and points, such as Saturn, the Saturn midpoints, and Sedna.

Traditional astrology called Saturn the Greater Malefic, but this was before the discovery of Sedna. See Wedding Chart. Match Degrees: Two planets in the same degree of either the same or different signs, or two planets in the same degree which are parallel, contra-parallel, or contra-latitude.

Matching Symbolisms: An important consideration in Planetary Geometry. Planetary Geometry ONLY works the way you want it to when the combined symbolisms of the planets involved are consistent with the endeavor the chart represents. For example, powerful Planetary Geometry composed of business planets would not necessarily support a romantic relationship, and romantic Planetary Geometry would not necessarily support a business endeavor. Maximum High Balance: The day on which a has the most High Balance alignments compared to the day before and the day after.

Gives extraordinary abilities to the native. Usually used in the analysis of the charts of super-athletes. Meeting Chart: The astrological chart of two people's first face-to-face meeting. Mid-degree: The mathematical average point in degrees between any two planets. The Mid-degree point is then considered to exist in each of the 12 signs. This is different from a midpoint- see Midpoint. Used primarily in Maximum High Balance theory. Midheaven: A calculated point that refers to the highest point in the sky on the exact day, time and place for which a chart is cast. Midpoint: Two points which are exactly equidistant in degrees between two planets.

The Near Midpoint is the midpoint closest to the two planets. The Far Midpoint is the furthest midpoint from the two planets. The near and far midpoints are always opposite one another. In Magi Astrology the midpoint forming the strongest aspect to another planet is considered most significant. Midpoint Crossing: A Midpoint Crossing occurs whenever a planet crosses an equal degree angle to the midpoint of any 2 other planets. A Midpoint Crossing refers to an alignment of 3 planets. Midpoint Equivalence: refers to a law of Magi Astrology.

The law states: Every midpoint acts as if it were a planet. All midpoints influence planets and other midpoints under the same rules as planets themselves. All midpoints are influenced by planets and other midpoints under the same rules as planets themselves. Midpoint Projection: Refers to the two points which are exactly equidistant in degrees between two planets. The Near Midpoint, the midpoint closest to the two planets, "projects" to create the Far Midpoint.

Mighty Fortress: A planetary geometric pattern of 4 or more planets which form a fortress with sextiles for 2 sides. Mono-Directional Aspect: An aspect in which both planets are moving in the same direction, whether in retrograde or direct motion. Multiple Planet Aspect: An alignment of 3 or more planets. Mystical Triangle: A planetary geometrical pattern formed by a minimum of three planets in which one side is a trine, one side is a square and the third side is a quincunx.

Natalization: The day and time that a new chart is created due to some type of new beginning. A natalization occurs at a first meeting, on the date of a business incorporation, a wedding, the opening of bank or brokerage account, the signing of a mortgage or any type of legal agreement, the date a product or artistic release, etc. The chart thus created is the astrological chart of the venture, relationship or entity. See Natalizations in Magi Astrology.

Also known as the Rule of Interaspect Non-Cancellation. One the fundamental principles of Magi Astrology that asserts that every interaspect has an influence and no two interaspects ever cancel each other out. For example, if two persons have both have a Cinderella Linkage and the Nuclear Clash, their relationship will always be influenced by both of these very powerful interaspects.

They will be romantically attracted to each other and at the same time have a turbulent relationship. There are no exceptions to this rule in the astrology of intimate relationships. Also know as the Rule of Interaspect Non-Cancellation. One of the worst transits, it is characterized by bad judgment and bad luck.

Occultation: A traditional astrological term for the eclipse of any two planetary bodies, called a Planetary Eclipse in Magi Astrology. Occurring Magi Sequence: The sequence of Magi Quads for a given day in order of their power and helpfulness. Offset: In the interpretation of Clash Aspects, the symbolisms of the planets forming the aspect are reversed, with the focus on the negative symbolisms.

This is always true for two-planet Clash Aspects. However, if Saturn is part of the Clash Aspect, the negative symbolisms are not reversed but strengthened. It is not used in Natal Birth Charts. Orb: The distance in degrees from exactness for any planetary aspect. Outer Range Progression: Progressions whose peak is so far into the future as to be irrelevant- such as a progression which peaks in years. Pairing: Refers to any 2 planets of a Magi Quad that interact with each other on a primary level.

Progressed Birth Charts: What They Are and Why They Matter

In the case of longitudes, the pairings are always between 2 planets that form one of the two parallel lines. In the declinations, the pairings are between 2 planets that form the 2 midpoints that are parallel to each other. Parallel: Two or more planets at the same degree North or South in the geocentric declinations or heliocentric latitudes within magi orbs.

Introduction to Astrology Part 4 - Transits, progressions & Solar Returns - Raising Vibrations

Perpetual Progression: An applying Progression which continues for many years. See Applying, Progression. Personal Aspect: An aspect that exists in the chart of a person or other living entity. In Magi Astrology, these aspects are interpreted differently than Historic Aspects. Pivot Planet: A planet located at the Mid-degree of a pair of planets. See High Balance, Paired Planets. Planet: Any celestial body which is in motion, such as an asteroid, planet, minor planet, or planetoid.

Planetary Alignment: Three or more planets in equal degree aspect to each other. Planetary Balance: Whenever a planet is conjunct a Mid-degree point of two other planets. Planetary Eclipse: Two planets which are both conjunct in longitudes and parallel in declinations or latitudes. Multiplies the effect of the aspect.

Planetary Geometry: A pattern formed by aspect lines drawn between 3 or more planets in aspect to one another, either in a natal or event chart, or a CAC. Planetary Personality: In Magi Astrology, it is believed that each planet has a unique personality. Planetary Symbolisms: The unique meaning of each planet in Magi Astrology. Poorhouse Transit: One type of clash transit to a natal financial planet that can create financial peril while applying. The primary linked chart to a business is the CEO or owner's natal chart. Progressed Transits: Are shown in a CAC between your progressed chart at any given time and your natal chart.

The applying linkages and clashes in this CAC also define the time period. See Progressions. Progressions: The longest and strongest cycles of influence at any given time. In Magi Astrology, the chart for Pure Progressions is calculated by advancing a natal chart one day for each year of time. For example: the chart of the sky 35 days after you were born looked at alone is read as the chart of your pure progressions for your 35th year. This chart's applying linkages and clashes define the major stellar influences of the time.

Both types of Progressions are stronger than Transits and influence on how you experience your transits. Good progressions sweeten good transits and soften bad transits. Bad progressions weaken good transits somewhat and make bad transits worse. Pure Progressions are stronger than Progressed Transits. The most stunning progressions are multi-planet pure progressions which form Planetary Geometry. Projection: Also Midpoint Projection. Refers to the further of the two points which are exactly equidistant in degrees between two planets. Proximity Enhancement: Planetary aspects strengthened by especially tight orbs.

With any two planets except Saturn, any aspect tighter than 0. Pure Enhancements: Aspects formed by conjunction, trine or parallel. Pure enhancements are considered to be stronger and more helpful than other enhancements such as the quincunx, contra-parallel and contra-latitude. Pure Progressions: Are calculated by advancing a natal chart one day for each year of time.

Quadralize: The process of combining to form a Magi Quad. Relationship Chart: The astrological chart of a personal relationship. Initially, a relationship is ruled by the Meeting Chart. When the couple becomes lovers, they are ruled by the Love Chart. When they become engaged, they are ruled by the Engagement Chart. When a couple marries, they are ruled by the Wedding Chart. If they divorce, the Divorce Chart is the ruling chart.

Get an Instant Relationship Chart Report. Retrograde: In the geocentric dimension, when a planet appears to reverse its direction and move backward. Also known as Retrograde Motion. Magi Society research into retrograde planets has found them most often, but not always, to be highly beneficial in Natalizations. Romance Aspect: An aspect formed by 2 Romance Planets.

Indicates potential for romantic feelings, but is not indicative of True Love unless one of the planets is Chiron. Romantic Dragon: A dragon made up of Romance Planets. A Romantic Dragon can signify True Love. Rare and powerful indicator of love. Romantic Super-Linkages indicate True Love. Also known as RSL's. Ruling Progression: The progression that is closest to being exact at any given time. The primary influence on the native's life. Sappho: A small asteroid discovered in Saturn Aspect: An aspect which includes Saturn.

Saturn Balance: A condition within a CAC in which both Captivations and Saturn Clashes are relatively balanced in both directions between the two people. Bonds a relationship but does not create joy. Also known as a Captivation. Creates an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance. Saturn Clash: A Turbulent Inter-aspect including the quincunx, contra-parallel and contra-latitude formed by Saturn or a Saturn midpoint to any planet. Not positive or helpful, may be worse than a non-Saturn clash. Most Saturn linkages form Saturn Bonds. The Saturn person holds more power in the given linkage or clash, and my hold more power in the relationship overall unless there is Saturn Balance.

Sedna: A new dwarf planet discovered in our solar system in with an extremely elliptical orbit of approximately 12, years. Seduction Aspect: An aspect in the sky which makes people interested in seducing or being seduced. Separating: A planet which is moving away from an exact aspect. Separating Planet: The fastest planet which is moving away from an exact aspect. It is considered a helpful aspect in Magi Astrology, but not particularly significant unless it is part of Planetary Geometry. Extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance.

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Often creates obsessions and can be very destructive. See Clashes and Captivations in Magi Astrology. Sexual Dragon: A dragon composed of Sexual Planets. Can consume the two people involved- it is a sign of virtually irresistible and insatiable sexual attraction. Fosters the illusion of True Love, but in and of itself is only a sign of intense lust. See Transit, Golden Transits.

See 6 Dimensions of Magi Astrology. Indicates soulmate potential in a CAC. Spearhead: Any planetary geometric triangle in which two sides are of equal length, such as the Yod and Grand Trine.

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Sports Champion Aspect: Aspects discovered by Magi Society research to endow the native with superior athletic ability. Stressful and turbulent, though may be somewhat modified if part of Planetary Geometry. Star of David: A symmetrical planetary geometric pattern of 6 or more planets creating 2 interlocking Grand Trines and 6 Sextiles. Very rare and powerful. Find out YOUR best days for success, love and more.

Instant Star-Timer Personal Calendars. Stationary: A geocentric planet which is "reversing" from direct motion to retrograde, or vice versa in its Apparent Motion. Aspects made by Stationary planets are very powerful due to the greatly decreased speed of the Stationary planet. See Apparent Motion. Such Geometry creates many challenges for the couple. Super-Fame Aspect: The Jupiter and Uranus natal enhancement aspect is most likely to create fame and a career in the public eye.

Super-Fame Transit: Transits which increase the likelihood of achieving fame and recognition. See Enhancement, Transit. Super Progression: A progressed planet aspecting both planets of an existing natal aspect. The existing aspect or the progressed aspect must be an Enhancement, and Saturn may not be the progressed planet. Super Sports Champion Aspect: 17 natal aspects discovered by Magi Society research to impart amazing athletic prowess to the native.

Super Transit: A transiting planet aspecting both planets of an existing natal aspect. Or, a transit to a natal planet made by at least two transiting planets that are in aspect to each other. In this case, Saturn can not be one the transiting planets.