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A full moon in your sign is here, Aries! Libra season wants you to get organized, but Scorpio season is all about your relationships! The sun in Libra finds you having plenty of fun, but October asks you to get to work, too. You're especially domestic this month, Cancer—but romance is in the air, too! Material matters are on your mind this month, but you'll also do some soul searching.

New Moon in Libra Astrology Meaning - New Moon Horoscopes

Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? How can you move through grief and outrage with grace? One tool that can help you navigate tough negotiations is nonviolent communication. Its creator? Libra Marshall Rosenberg. In less charged scenarios, the Libra new moon can help you hash things out, be a great listener, and create a win-win wherever you focus your energy.

Lay them all out on the table and assess.

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Sometimes, trying to please everyone can mean pleasing no one in the end. Even single-and-loving-it types may feel a sudden urge to merge—or at least find a little more companionship in their lives. This new moon will support you any time you compromise, cooperate, and co-create. Are you effectively sending out signals when you want your partner to pay you some attention? According to Gottman, your ability to communicate your desires and needs in a loving way is essential to a healthy relationship.

Do you tend to be anxious, secure, or avoidant? How about the people you gravitate toward? Buy that turquoise ring from a street vendor. Paint an accent wall in your home. Arrange an eye-pleasing tablescape on your desk. The Libra new moon is an optimal time to give your space a thoughtful style overhaul. What can you toss or donate?

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Need inspiration? Look to charming Libra organizing consultant Marie Kondo for a path to a lovelier, less cluttered life. Is your mind all over the map? Why not use your body to bring back the balance? Do a few sun salutations or head to a class where you can work it out on the mat. Or balance your inner yin and yang with some tai chi. Up for something more active? Get in the flow with a partner and try the Brazilian dance-inspired martial art Capoeira.

Libra Horoscope for October 12222

Or go all out and really dance under the invisible but powerful Libra new moon with some ballroom dancing. Click here! Karmic updates via.

New Moon in Libra and the Astrology of October 2019

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